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Grant From MISF Funds Mystery Science Materials at Lakeridge

Grant From MISF Funds Mystery Science Materials at Lakeridge
MISD Communications

Mercer Island, WA, April 24, 2023 – During Covid, our teachers showed awesome creativity by looking outside the district for resources, ideas, and materials to teach our students. This creativity helped our teachers discover Mystery Science.

Mystery Science is a fun and engaging way for elementary students to learn science. This school year all Mystery Science materials used by our elementary teachers have been provided through a grant from the Mercer Island Schools Foundation (MISF).  

In April, Kristi Diedrich’s first grade class at Lakeridge undertook a Mystery Science unit on Plants and Animals, which came after a unit on Women’s History Month in March 

In the unit on plants and animals Ms. Diedrich’s students, with the help of a video from ‘Mystery Doug’, identified the traits and characteristics of different plants and animals. Then students were presented with a specific full grown animal or plant and discussed the traits of the animal or plant. They then opened an envelope with a baby picture of the animal or plant they discussed. Upon seeing the picture students worked together to identify characteristics of the baby they saw in the adult. 

“What has been special to me about this program is the ability to prep for the activities in a reasonable amount of time but also the high engagement that I get from the kids,” said Diedrich. 

“They love ‘Mystery Doug’ and get super excited about the Mystery Science lessons. It's perfectly aligned with TCI and Common Core Standards so it just takes science to a higher level and gives students opportunities to gain deeper understandings of the concepts we're learning.”

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