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Thank You Lakeridge Families!

Thank You Lakeridge Families!
PTA Communications
A collage of staff appreciation photos

THANK YOU to all the Lakeridge families that helped make Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week a success! The teachers and staff appreciated it SO much...They felt the love!

It took a lot of contributions and help to make this week happen, as you can see with the many families listed below. The Lakeridge PTA truly could not have done this without you all. We are grateful to be part of this community….and our children’s teachers and staff were extra grateful this week too!

[Monday (5/13) Contributions Made by Lakeridge Families: Naomi A. (Sukhi Soneri), Jennifer Almond, Michelle Baldwin, Maria Bieniasz-Krzywiec, Sibylle Brown, Shannon Hernandez McIntyre, Hiroko Huang (Kohei’s mom), Li Huang, Mwa Hungwe, Tricia Jaffe, Allison Kawano, Liam Kelly, Melanie Mayer, Samantha McMichael, Winnie Ng, Sam Noonan, Reetchatha Ranga Reddy, Mike Uvelli, Jingyang Wu, Lu Yao, Jenny Yeh]

[Tuesday (5/14) Contributions Made by Lakeridge Families: Naomi A. (Sukhi Soneri), Stephanie English, Lingling Gao, Geri Geraghty, Tricia Jaffe, Allison Kawano, Julia Liu (Stephanie Wang’s mom), Samantha McMichael, Jessica Nguyen (Alice M), Elizabeth Stratiev, Jennifer Truchot, Helen Weyant, Jingyang Wu, Melissa Yang (Henry Guo’s mom), Jenny Yeh, Su Yin]

[Wednesday (5/15) Contributions Made by Lakeridge Families: Loan Anle, Jeannie Harrington, Peter Huang (Kohei’s dad), Mwa Hungwe, Sarah Karim, Charlene & David Matukaitis, Ly-Lan McCarthy, Ankita Patel, Elizabeth Stratiev, Sunny Sun]

[Thursday (5/16) Contributions Made by Lakeridge Families: Jasmine Bhangare, Stephanie English, Lori Hurl, Yanita Karatchorova, Elizabeth Laughlin, Annie Mann, Ly-Lan McCarthy, Ankita Patel, Sarah Siler, Jasmine Thapar, Wenjing Yin]

[Friday (5/17) Contributions Made by Lakeridge Families: Loan Anle, Jessie Bronson, Stephanie English, Lori Hurl, Tricia Jaffe, Asia Kaplanyan, Yanita Karatchorova, Ly-Lan McCarthy, Holly Miller, Sheila Miller Rivera, Leslie Shopay, Linnea Wexler, Melissa Yang (Henry Guo’s mom)]

[Raffle Prizes Donated By: Adriana & Vanessa Anderson, Jasmine Bhangare, Jolene Cramer, Rachel Esguerra, Jane Fortson, Devon Gruss (Henry Allen), Hiroko Huang (Kohei’s mom), Tricia Jaffe, Emma Jing, The Kaplanyan Family, Yanita Karatchorova, Coleson Kawano and Family, Meiwen Li (Endao Han), Sheila Miller Rivera, The Rye Family, Janine Perret (Elise Cherdon), Menaka Prakasam, Bruce & Lidia Robertson, Stacey Ulacia, Helen Weyant, Sharon Woo-Tzeng]

A BIG Thank you to Charlene Matukaitis for your dedication and coordination of this special event for our staff and teachers!  We couldn't have done this without you!