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Code of Conduct


Daily attendance at school presents students opportunities to learn and grow both intellectually and socially. This discipline plan provides parents, teachers and students the basis for maintaining a safe and supportive school environment.

In compliance with Washington Administrative Code (WAC 180-40-120) which follows, we hereby present the A) Rules, B) Rights and Responsibilities, and C) Consequences of the Lakeridge Discipline Plan.

The mission of the common school system is to provide learning experiences which will assist all students to develop skills, competencies and attitudes that are fundamental to an individual's achievement as a responsible contributing citizen. In order to maintain and advance this mission, it shall be the responsibility and duty of each student to pursue his or her course of studies, comply with written rules of a common school district which are adopted pursuant to and in compliance with WAC-180-40-225 and RCW 28A.58.101, and submit to reasonable corrective action or punishment imposed by a school . . . . .


Five basic rules will be in effect. They are broad by design and are backed by specific school and classroom rules and guidelines. Teachers will review these specific rules and guidelines with their classes so the students will know what is expected. Each fall time will be spent practicing the behaviors that support these rules.

The five basic rules are:

  1. Respect others at all times.
  2. Respect school and personal property.
  3. Observe playground boundaries and safety rules.
  4. Take responsibility for your actions.
  5. Seek help to resolve problems when you can't resolve them.


If a student chooses to break a school rule, to not accept his/her responsibilities, or to infringe on the rights of others, the following sequence of consequences will result:

LEVEL ONE (Teacher/Staff Intervention)

If a student violates a rule, he/she will be informed that their behavior(s) is inappropriate and a consequence will be selected for the behavior, such as; denial of a privilege, time out, loss of recess, clean up playground or lunchroom, or detention as determined by the supervising adult. Written notification will be sent to the homeroom teacher.

LEVEL TWO (Staff/Parent Notification)

If teacher/staff interventions do not remediate the inappropriate behavior(s), the student
will be issued a written notification (conduct referral form) with copies sent to the classroom teacher, parent and principal. Parents will be asked to acknowledge receipt by
signing and returning the form to the office the following school day .

LEVEL THREE (Principal/Parent Communications)

If a student accumulates three (3) Conduct Referrals, his/her parents will be expected to
come to the school to meet with the principal and teacher to discuss the inappropriate
behavior(s) and set goals for future positive behavior and/or possible consequences. from school.


If a student persists beyond Level III in violating school rules, the principal, teacher, supervisor and parent will meet to establish appropriate consequences through an individualized Behavior Plan.

The goal of this plan is: (1) to help students learn to make responsible choices, and (2) to insure a safe and appropriate learning environment. If staff and parent interventions are not effective, a student may be suspended from school.


In the event that a child is disruptive in the classroom to the extent that it interferes with the learning of others, it may be necessary to remove that child from the classroom. When this occurs, the child will be sent directly to the office where he/she will remain until the end of that instructional period. Disruptive behavior will result in level two disciplinary action that will involve the teachers, parent, and principal.


  • Disrespect (profanity, harassment or failure to cooperate); physical harm or danger to another person, and/or the destruction of property will result in the offender going directly to the principal as a second or third level consequence.
  • Bringing to school or having in the student's possession a dangerous weapon, or having in the student's possession any object which can reasonably be described as a weapon will result in the offender going directly to the principal and notification to parents. Suspension from school or notification of law enforcement officials, if appropriate, are probable consequences for students involved with weapons.
  • Illegal activity (alcohol or drug possession, or smoking) will be dealt with at the third level. Parents and appropriate authorities will be notified.


Any elementary or secondary school student who is determined to have carried a firearm onto, or to have possessed a firearm on, or to have displayed a firearm look-alike in a malicious way on public elementary or secondary school premises, public school- provided transportation, or areas of facilities while being used exclusively by public schools, shall be expelled from school for not less than one year as required under RCW 28A.600.420. Such expulsions shall continue unless modified pursuant to the applicable hearing provisions of CH 180-40 WAC.

In our discipline system, desired behavior will be actively encouraged. We will continue to emphasize the recognition and positive reinforcement of exemplary behavior. It is our hope that you will discuss this discipline plan with your children and emphasize the need for the development of self-discipline based on conscious decision making. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call the school.