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Student Supply Lists

Through the partnership between Lakeridge and our PTA, we order school supplies in bulk each year as a service to our students and parents. The current suggested donation for school supplies is $55 per student every year. PTA collects the school supplies donations directly.

Ordering in bulk aligns with many of our values. At Lakeridge, we deeply believe in equity. Ordering in bulk has allowed us to assure that all students - new and returning - start out the year with what they need to kick off a successful school year. Every classroom is fully equipped to hit the ground running from the very first day of school! Regardless of which classroom students land in, they're guaranteed to have similar access to all the same school supplies as their grade-level peers. Lastly, ordering in bulk allows us to save families time and money as we do not make any profit from school supplies donations - every penny goes back to your students in real and tangible ways!

And, don't forget our planet! We deeply believe in caring for and learning about our natural world. Ordering in bulk significantly reduces packaging and transportation impacts on the environment. Reducing our footprint and increasing our greenness is a win-win for Lakeridge and our Earth.

Finally, we are happy to provide more traditional school supply lists for any family who'd prefer to go that route. Just let our front office know and they'll send you a list.